With ITO EN experience as No. 1 Tea Company in Japan and Ultrajaya, one of the leaders in the beverage industry and a pioneer in UHT (Ultra High Temperature) technology. ITO EN ULTRA JAYA Wholesale has a variety of tea products with maintained quality to be consumed by the consumers.

About ITO EN ULTRAJAYA Wholesale

  • VISION: We place priority on satisfying the needs of our customers and aim to become the preferred partner to our consumers, customers, suppliers, other stockholders and business partners.
  • MISSION: Always supply the consumers with good quality tea products through ethical and environment friendly process.
  • STANDARD BEHAVIOUR: Consumer-Driven ・ Team Work ・Genbaism


ITO EN ULTRAJAYA Wholesale have variants of tea product with maintained quality to be consumed by the consumers.


All ITO EN products made by high quality green tea leaves that proceed in No. 1 Tea Company in Japan with strict process and advance technology to keep the natural benefit and authentic flavors of Japanese tea.


Enjoy 100% Japanese Matcha and fresh milk from Ultra Jaya. Now available in 1 choices of bottle pack and 2 instant powder that can be enjoy anywhere, anytime.

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