About ITO EN ULTRAJAYA Wholesale

Since established in 1966, ITO EN see green tea as culture legacy that need to be share around the world. By honoring Japanese tradition and share new value that beneficial for consumer, ITO EN keep maintain and always give the best. In 1985, ITO EN succeed to become first company that invented unsweetened green tea without sugar with low acid in can bottle. That’s what makes ITO EN succeed to become leading tea company for almost 30 years and keep innovating. Now, consumer can enjoy green tea anytime, anywhere.

Now, ITO EN collaborate with PT ULTRAJAYA Milk Industry TBK that already 40 years established in Indonesia to give commitment to provide high quality product by utilizing all the goodness of nature and latest technology. Because of that, ITO EN Ultrajaya always holding on to 5 perfection principals.


Products that make use of natural ingredients.


Products that support a healthy life.


Products that people can enjoy with complete peace of mind and safety.


Designs that directly convey the delicious flavors of our products.


Delicious flavors that make people feel happy.

Milestone ITO EN Ultrajaya Wholesale


Join Venture between ITO EN (Japan's No. 1 Tea Company) & Ultrajaya Milk Industry (Indonesia's leading beverage company) was introduce with the name of "PT ITO EN ULTRAJAYA WHOLESALE".



Kiyora Brand was announced in Indonesian Market.



A new variant of Kiyora was launched. The iconic "Kiyora Matcha Latte".



ITO EN Ultrajaya Wholesale decided to bring Japan's No.1 Tea ~ Oi Ocha. The unsweeteened tea to fulfill the increasing needs of healthy drinks in Indonesia.



We listened to our consumers requests that they want to enjoy Kiyora in hot cup of mug. Therefore, ITO EN ULTRAJAYA introduced Kiyora Instant Matcha Latte & Milk Tea.